Real estate is a solid investment because the value of your home typically increases over time. While certain factors such as school districts and neighborhood cannot be changed, there are several small projects you can undertake in a weekend to increase the list price of your home.

Of course, a full bath or kitchen remodel will almost always yield a great return on investment, but you don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars for updates to get more equity at the closing table. Here are some suggestions for projects that will almost surely add value to your home:

  • Replace the front door: While it may seem simple, spending a few hundred dollars on a nice entry door does more than add curb appeal, it speaks about the safety of your home, which is especially important to families with young children.
  • Install Smart thermostats: In the age of iPhones and apps for just about everything, the convenience of having a home loaded with technology really cannot have a price tag put on it. Thermostats that can be controlled remotely are a huge hit with buyers.
  • Plant a tree, bushes or flowers: Landscaping certainly adds value, but you don’t need to re-sod your lawn to get buyers interested. Plant some fresh flowers, add bushes if needed or flowering trees in the front or back yard—but be sure to check with your local nursery and your HOA first, to get the right type for your yard.
  • Build a fence: Fences are a great way to add value to a home because of their popularity. Whether buyers have young children, pets, or both, fences make great neighbors and it’s an expense the buyers won’t have to come out after the purchase of the home.
  • Update kitchen appliances with stainless steel: A full kitchen update isn’t necessary, but matching appliances can go a long way in impressing potential buyers with the most important room of the house.

Remember you don’t have to break the bank to update your home for a quick sale at the price you want. Call my office today and I’ll help you figure out what projects in YOUR home can be completed to get the sale in the time range and price range YOU want!

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