For home sellers and realtors alike, the listing price of your home is the million-dollar question. Price it too high, and you will likely get little interest or showings on your property, but price it too low, and you risk not only scaring away potential buyers (who may suspect there is something wrong with the house), but you will have missed out on equity that could have gone towards the down payment on your next home.

Comparative market analysis is the key to determining the correct listing price for your home, and I will work hard to do the research to determine the value of your property. Online tools can only go so far: I will take into consideration everything from upgrades in your home to other desirable features like neighborhood amenities, school district, aesthetic appeal, and availability of similar homes in your area.

If you are interviewing realtors, beware that some agents suggest an unrealistic asking price in order to gain your business. They might even assure you that they can sell your home for this high value, even though the market analysis suggests otherwise. The danger here is that your house will not sell, and the realtor will eventually suggest that you lower the asking price. However, houses that are priced perfectly the first time around are much more successful than houses that stay on the market for months on end fluctuating in price.

At the end of the day, YOU will be in charge of deciding the exact listing price, but I highly recommend that you get me on your team to assure that the price you decide on is not only correct for the market, but will also benefit your family as much as possible.