Spring is here, and many homes will come on the market now that Spring Break is over. Although the actual listing of your home takes no time at all, prepping your house for a quick sale will certainly take more than a Saturday afternoon.

Here are 4 things you can do before listing your home, that can make it stand out from the rest:

  1. Get an inspection. You don’t officially need an inspection until an offer is made, so you may decide to wait. But if the inspection turns up some serious problems (like mold in the basement or outdated electrical wiring), there is a very serious chance that homebuyers will be scared away and back out of the deal. Since these problems will need to be addressed anyway, best to go ahead and get them taken care of before the sign goes in your yard.
  2. Spend time staging and preparing your home. You don’t necessarily need to hire a professional home stager if you are committed to follow the advice of professionals. Experts recommend removing large and bulky furniture, de-personalizing and de-cluttering common areas and bedrooms, and letting in as much natural light as possible. A fresh coat of neutral paint never hurts, either.
  3. A Deep Clean: The biggest of all on this list is a thorough cleaning. You could hire a professional cleaning service to deep-clean important spaces, especially bathrooms and kitchens! And have the carpets cleaned too. This helps before pictures are taken and while showing your home.
  4. Decide on a real estate agent. Using a “For sale by owner” sign is tempting to some home-owners in order to save money at the closing table—but what are you really losing when you decide to forego a professional and go on your own? An experienced REALTOR®will have the tools necessary to help you determine an accurate list price, remove any discrepancies on your property record, guide you through the loan application process, and even help you get in your next home.

Experts are predicting the market to be flooded with homes this year, so be sure that you take the necessary steps to make sure your home stands out from the crowd. Contact me today, and together we’ll put a plan together to get your home sold quickly and for the highest price possible.